City of LA Seal

Client Description:

The City of Los Angeles Department of General Services manages facilities, equipment, and other support services to City departments including alternative fuel fueling stations and suitable maintenance facilities

Client Goals:

  • Respond to the EV mandates laid out in the Mayor of Los Angeles’ Sustainable City pLAn
  • Develop the Department of General Services’ (GSD’s) strategy to purchase and deploy 100% light-duty EVs by 2035
  • Determine the number of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) necessary to support a future EV fleet, as well as public and employee charging

GNA Strategy:

  • Analyze existing motor pool fleet data, lot layouts, electrical infrastructure, and building codes to determine the number and location of EVSE required in fleet, public, and employee parking lots
  • Determine the total power demand necessary to charge a fleet of 100% light-duty EVs and work with City staff to understand the electrical loads and potential service upgrades required to support future deployments
  • Evaluate existing EVs and EVSE on the market to determine those that meet the specifications required to support the City’s operations
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for GSD to execute a robust EV and EVSE program
  • Provide surveys of other agencies to understand fleet charging solutions for similar operations, deployment strategies and fleet management tools, and EV charging price policies for public access EVSE

Project Results:

  • Maintain the City’s position as the largest EV municipal fleet in the country and the national leader in the development of EV infrastructure: The addition of 165 light-duty battery electric vehicles will ensure that Los Angeles remains the leading city for the deployment of electric vehicles.
  • Meet objectives of the Mayor’s pLAn: GNA’s proposed deployment schedule will allow GSD to be able to meet the interim goal of 80% light-duty electric fleet purchases by 2025 and 100% EV purchases by 2035. Additionally, this will help support the City’s plan to deploy 1,000 public access chargers by 2017.
  • Displace the consumption of more than 20,000 gallons of gasoline annually in favor of lower carbon electricity: Upon implementation of the plan, GSD will reduce the motor pool fleet’s emissions by 100 metric tons of CO2 annually, or 70% compared to traditional gasoline operations. Transitioning these vehicles to battery electric models will also reduce total tail pipe emissions by 100%, providing cleaner air for the City of Los Angeles.
  • Secured an initial $102,955 for public access EVSE: As the first step to offset the cost of the City’s EVSE hardware and installation, GNA successfully applied for grant funding under the MSRC Local Government Match Program, and was awarded funds to purchase 42 single and dual-hose EVSE for public access Level 2 charging. These chargers will allow for the simultaneous charging of 79 electric vehicles in downtown Los Angeles parking lots. GNA continues to assess and alert the City about other opportunities to offset additional project costs.