Client Description:

CAPCOA is an Association of Air Pollution Control Officers representing all thirty-five local air quality agencies throughout California. In existence since 1975, CAPCOA is dedicated to protecting the public health and providing clean air for all residents and visitors to breathe.

Client Goals:

  • Provide educational and networking forums to discuss critical air quality and environmental issues
  • Create events where California’s role as a leader in progressive air quality improvement programs can be showcased
  • Design a venue where CAPCOA leadership can meet to discuss organizational strategy and priorities
  • Champion CAPCOA’s role in aligning the efforts of all regulatory air quality agencies


GNA Strategy:

  • Zero in on key topics and issues in air quality improvement and climate change
  • Provide an easily-accessible and affordable event format
  • Ensure participation from key sponsors and agencies for maximum visibility
  • Secure statewide involvement and deliver an event agenda that reflects regional concerns
  • Identify and engage key players to ensure proper marketing and participation in the event 

Project Results:

  • Executed seamless event experiences: GNA was responsible for registration, budgeting, and logistical tasks for 2008’s “The Future is Green” and 2010’s “CAPCOA Climate Change Forum.” For the Climate Change Forum, GNA was also tasked with agenda development, committee management, marketing, promotion, registration, and speaker services. GNA negotiated contracts, managed the venue and vendors, provided all pre- and post-show attendee and guest services, oversaw budgeting and expenses, and coordinated all post-show reporting.
  • Attracted over 2000 attendees to CAPCOA events: GNA worked with various regulatory agencies, environmental groups, Clean Cities coalitions, educational organizations, elected officials and staffers, and other stakeholder groups to ensure strong attendance and support for the events. Attendance exceeded expectations, and GNA adapted logistical plans to ensure adequate services and accommodations.
  • GNA retained for multiple engagements: Due to the success of GNA’s participation in “The Future is Green,” GNA was retained to play a larger role in the subsequent “CAPCOA Climate Change Forum.” Both of these events were considered successful by the client and advanced the topics of discussion in meaningful and relevant ways. All items outlined in the project scopes were delivered on time and within the parameters outlined. Clients were kept apprised of timelines and budgets and any variances discussed with clients in a timely manner.
  • Developed positive, long-standing working relationships with CAPCOA directors from across the state: GNA has worked with air quality management districts throughout California on many of the projects that the firm has undertaken since its inception. The CAPCOA projects, however, required coordination and communication with directors from throughout California, as well as with their staffers and executive teams. GNA offers the benefit of relationships with the key regulatory agencies from throughout the state and understands how these agencies work alongside other state agencies on various air quality improvement programs.