Client Description:

One of the largest freight railroad networks and among the top transporters of intermodal freight in North America

Client Goals:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility of operating switch locomotives using a hydrogen-fueled fuel cell
  • Develop the infrastructure at the Sheila Yard (Commerce, CA) to support the fueling operation
  • Operate the fueling facility to demonstrate the fuel storage and dispensing systems


GNA Strategy:

  • Evaluate overall site to optimally install the fueling station
  • Develop permitting strategy with client and permitting authorities
  • Oversee detailed design of the facility including equipment installation
  • Develop operating protocols for safe equipment operation
  • Provide outreach to stakeholders including the public, BNSF staff, regulators, and first responders

Project Results:

  • GNA helped BNSF successfully design, permit, and construct facility. Using the technical specifications of the demonstration equipment, GNA provided consulting services on the development of site layouts and permitting activities, and worked with a local engineering firm on final layout design.
  • Facility operated for approximately six months in demonstration mode. During operation, GNA developed handouts for the project’s key stakeholders, including the development of a safety information handout to train and educate the local fire department and other first responders.
  • BNSF continues to evaluate the viability of fuel-cell switch locomotives