Client Description:

The German automaker is a pioneer in designing and developing sustainable luxury vehicles, including a limited production hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle built from 2005 to 2007 (the Hydrogen 7)

Client Goals:

  • Launch a successful demonstration for BMW’s Hydrogen 7 vehicles, including building safe and reliable refueling infrastructure for test consumers and securing buy in from key stakeholders

Firefighters get hands-on experience with a hydrogen vehicleFirefighters get hands-on experience with a hydrogen vehicle

GNA Strategy:

  • Evaluate several potential liquid hydrogen fueling station locations on a variety of factors; including convenience and visibility for BMW’s Hydrogen 7 customers, code compliance, electrical connections, and other specific requirements as defined by BMW.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the successful permitting approval of the liquid hydrogen fueling station; prepare a permit submittal package using drawings, equipment plans, P&IDs, engineering plans, hazard zones, HazOp reports, MSDS, and other supporting documents
  • Facilitate BMW’s introduction to key decision makers for the purpose of showcasing and educating stakeholders about the Hydrogen 7, BMW’s hydrogen refueling station, and BMW’s technical capabilities.
  • Provide training to the local fire department and first responders to help mitigate any safety concerns from the community.

Project Results:

  • Identified and secured ideal site location for liquid hydrogen fueling station: GNA identified several suitable site locations throughout Southern California for the installation of cryogenic liquid hydrogen refueling stations to support the roll out of the BMW Hydrogen 7 project.
  • Implemented a comprehensive training program with emergency first responders: GNA designed and implemented a comprehensive outreach, education and training for a number of Southern California fire departments and emergency first responders that could be called upon to respond to an incident or accident involving a cryogenic hydrogen fueled BMW Hydrogen 7.