Client Description:

A global defense, security and aerospace company with more than 88,000 employees worldwide

Client Goals:

  • Secure funding for the development pre-commercial demonstration units for BAE’s new hybrid technology


GNA Strategy:

  • Conduct outreach to federal and state-level agencies in target geographic regions that have historically provided grants and/or incentive funds to private companies seeking to pursue research, development, and demonstration projects involving energy and/or emission reduction technologies.
  • Educate federal and state-level agencies in target geographic regions on the availability of BAE’s hybrid technology in effort to ensure that future grant and/or incentive programs include BAE’s hybrid technology in the program’s eligible project criteria.

Project Results:

  • Identification of more than $170 million in federal and state-level grant programs: GNA pinpointed five available and upcoming funding programs intended specifically for research, development, and demonstration projects.
  • Development of a strategy for BAE’s pursuit of the identified funding programs: GNA developed a comprehensive project strategy based on timing of funding programs, amount of funding available, geographic requirements of funding programs, and the alignment of BAE’s projects with the goals and objectives of the funding program.