Client Description:

Asphalt Green is a non-profit sports and fitness facility located on Manhattan’s upper east side. The facility provides New Yorkers with high-quality sports, fitness and aquatics programs for all ages, with a particular interest in helping young people and the elderly achieve their goal of “sports and fitness for a lifetime.”

Client Goals:

  • Understand the potential environmental impacts and safety concerns that will arise with the construction and operation of a large marine transfer station (MTS) adjacent to Asphalt Green.
  • Develop a strategy to mitigate the potential environmental and safety impacts of the MTS by moving a truck ramp that would run through Asphalt Green, including strategies to ensure the cleanest possible trucks, construction equipment, transfer station equipment, and marine vessels are used and to reduce traffic safety concerns by rerouting the truck ramp to a new location.

GNA Strategy:

  • GNA’s technical team conducted research and modeling exercises to assess the emissions impacts of the MTS on Asphalt Green’s users, as well as the larger surrounding community.
  • GNA partnered with Sam Schwartz Engineering and Asphalt Green to develop a mitigation plan to ensure the mitigation of the potential pollution and safety impacts of the MTS.
  • GNA worked closely with Capalino & Company, Risa Heller Communications and others to develop and implement an advocacy strategy to achieve Asphalt Green’s mitigation goals.

Project Results:

  • In September 2015, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the City’s decision to move the ramp to the preferred location and to take other steps to reduce emissions, improve safety, and work more closely with Asphalt Green and the community to ensure a more successful project.