America's Natural Gas Alliance Logo

Client Description:

Trade association representing North America’s largest independent natural gas exploration and production companies that helps promote increased use of our natural gas resources for a cleaner and more secure energy future

Client Goals:

  • Promote the economic, environmental, and national security benefits of the greater use of clean, abundant, domestic natural gas in transportation
  • Increase the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel in on-road and off-road sectors (e.g., light-to heavy-duty vehicles, E&P equipment, marine vessels, railcars, and other high horsepower equipment)
  • Engage with and provide educational information to a wide range of audiences, including: gas industry stakeholders, federal and state policymakers, regulators, non-governmental organizations, media outlets, end-consumers, and communities


GNA Strategy:

GNA provides ongoing communications and public affairs support to ANGA, including:

  • Technical consulting for the Natural Gas Vehicle and Equipment (NGVE) Committee
  • Programmatic and logistical support for educational events and conferences
  • Market research of NGVE adoption trends and consumer experiences within the natural gas industry
  • Regulatory and policy support for national and state teams to increase gas demand through NGVEs
  • Media planning and media outreach support for natural gas transportation stories and themes
  • Media tracking and analysis on NGVE deployment and station development stories
  • Strategic marketing of ANGA’s Add Natural Gas campaign
  • Development of a communications plan and supporting materials

Project Results:

  • Development of a strategic plan to increase natural gas demand growth: GNA worked with ANGA team members to develop the organization’s strategic plan to grow demand for natural gas via the on and off-road transportation fuel market including in passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, drill rigs, mining equipment, locomotives, and marine vessels. The plan integrated communication and technical support to expand OEM product offerings and build out infrastructure. GNA coordinated among ANGA’s NGVE Committee, Communications Department, and various state teams to ensure strategic and effective development and implementation of short- and long-term objectives.
  • Identification of more than 35,000 NGVE deployments in 2012: GNA’s daily tracking of news outlets culminated in a detailed set of data on NGVE deployments throughout the United States. This information, together with a baseline matrix of data, demonstrated market growth and trends.
  • Engagement with a wide-range of stakeholders through local NGVE educational events: GNA organized and supported outreach events to educate target audiences about NGVE products, economics and policies. These events were held throughout the country (Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas), attracted hundreds of participants, and have helped spur a flurry of new deployment projects for natural gas fleet vehicles, drilling rigs, and pressure pumping equipment. GNA managed the agenda development process, marketing, and onsite logistics for these events, which targeted gas industry participants.
  • Successful launch of Add Natural Gas campaign promoting the development of six new bi-fuel, light-duty vehicle options: In June 2013, GNA was part of the ANGA team that launched the Add Natural Gas campaign featuring a BMW X3, Chrysler 300, Ford Mustang GT, GMC Acadia, Honda CRV, Hyundai Sonata that were converted to run on a combination of natural gas and gasoline. The campaign highlights concept passenger vehicles that can run on abundant, domestic natural gas, without compromising performance to help grow public awareness about the opportunities for natural gas in the consumer marketplace. GNA organized a preview for elected officials in Sacramento and organized the press conference at the official debut at the Alternative Clean Transportation “ACT” Expo 2013 in Washington, DC.
  • Completion of a survey identifying objective data and subjective opinions of existing and future NGVE projects: In 2012 and 2013, GNA completed a survey of all ANGA member companies to quantify inventories of both conventionally fueled and natural gas vehicles and gas production equipment. In 2013, GNA expanded that effort to include a detailed qualitative survey of member companies and supply chain operators that service the industry. This effort identified experiences and market trends for natural gas equipment use in the gas production industry, helping identify strategies for ANGA to help drive increased adoption of natural gas equipment.
  • Development of local, state, and federal policies that support NGVE market expansion: GNA provides ongoing support for ANGA’s government and regulatory affairs efforts related to natural gas vehicles and equipment. GNA has supported both the national and state teams in identifying policy positions that will support the deployment of natural gas vehicles and equipment. GNA has analyzed and provided comment on prospective legislation and regulation, and provided technical support rationales and communications documents for government affairs outreach activities. One highlight of GNA’s government affairs support is demonstrated by the success of Texas SB 385. GNA helped draft this legislation and the associated Texas Clean Transportation Triangle effort, which provides up to $42M to deploy natural gas trucks and fund natural gas fueling infrastructure connecting Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. GNA supported ANGA’s government affairs team in its successful effort to secure legislation and funding to develop the program with talking point briefings and strategy overview sessions. GNA then helped the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) develop program guidelines to implement a successful natural gas vehicle and infrastructure program.
  • Implementation of a strategic media and communications plan to promote the economic and environmental benefits of using domestically produced natural gas: GNA worked with ANGA to overhaul all NGVE communications materials and content, including updating website materials, marketing and information sheets, government affairs outreach documents, and campaign-specific collateral. GNA supported the Think About It multi-media campaign with messaging documents and technical talking points, and by coordinating fleet participation in television and online videos and commercials. GNA provides technical support for all NGVE-related media inquiries, talking points and presentation materials for ANGA participation at conferences and events, and crisis response concepts for potential NGVE media pitfalls. GNA helps to plan and support proactive media placement for ANGA related to NGVEs, helping ANGA become recognized as a key thought leader that is sought for quotes placed in mainstream and industry articles.