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Finding Funding Isn’t as Simple as Point and Click

February 20, 2020

Source: ACT News

As a new calendar year begins, so too does a new slate of funding opportunities. The $2.925 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust, created by the Volkswagen Settlements, continues to buttress other state and federal funding opportunities. Indeed, 2019 saw $200 million in confirmed awards funded by the Volkswagen Settlement, allowing fleets across the US to deploy approximately 3,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment. This only represents 7% of the total potential slate of Volkswagen Settlement-funded projects though.

The start of 2020 has been a busy one to be sure. Major funding programs have recently opened or will open soon in grant-rich states like California, Texas, Florida, and New York. With all the near-term opportunities on the horizon, how can a fleet navigate hundreds of grant opportunities to identify which is the best fit?

While other “funding finder” resources rely on you to point and click through countless incentives, GNA’s Funding 360 Program is a targeted, efficient, comprehensive and proven market-intelligence solution to help you pursue—and secure—the funds you need to achieve your operational goals.

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