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Investments Drive Sustainable Transportation Growth

February 27, 2020

Source: ACT News

Driven by a global focus on environmental protection and the role of transportation in meeting aggressive sustainability goals; stakeholders in the commercial fleet sector are bringing to market clean vehicles and technologies at record speed. In turn, private and public investors are quickly realizing that the sector holds huge growth potential. In just a short number of years, investment in the space has exploded—with ambitious logistics startups, technology providers, and equipment suppliers garnering a record amount of attention and billions in funding.

Commercial fleet transportation has historically not received as much attention from growth-focused venture investors, but that is changing before our eyes as the size of the market and the transformative potential of clean vehicle technologies becomes apparent. Drawn in by an array of promising clean technologies, smarter and more efficient vehicles, and a global shift to lower emission transportation, investors—from early stage venture capitalists to traditional fund managers—are hungry to identify the latest trends and opportunities for returns. Meanwhile, leading commercial fleets, OEMs, fuel providers and other suppliers are trying to keep pace with the dizzying changes in the industry in order to deploy their capital into the clean technologies and fuels that will achieve large-scale market adoption.

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