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Kristina Ishchenko spotlights learning opportunities at GNA.

Kristina Ishchenko

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“Keep learning and growing. There is nothing stopping you! ”

In a rapidly evolving and changing business world, it is more important than ever to encourage and foster a culture of learning in the workplace. Not only does it help boost employee engagement, enhance performance, and bolster innovation and creativity, it also increases employee job satisfaction and helps the company achieve new heights. GNA’s investment in training and professional development is what differentiates them from other companies. The senior management team not only encourages you to take time out of the day to brush up on your professional skills, but they also support team learning and collaboration.

On a regular basis, GNA hosts facilitated trainings on topics such as Paid Advertising, Writing Best Practices, Excel Best Practices, Industry Trends, and many others that promote camaraderie and cross-team collaboration. These sessions arm us, as employees, with new resources and actionable insights that help us stay well-informed on industry trends and best practices to develop new skills.

In addition, the GNA team has made it their priority to host company-wide monthly Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging courses to help improve communication among the team members and to ensure everyone is aware of the cultural values, differences, and norms. Having a diverse team creates a dynamic and innovative workplace, and it’s important to motivate positive behaviors and attitudes and foster an environment where folks feel comfortable bringing their full, authentic selves to work.

Lastly, during my tenure at GNA, I have participated in numerous projects that have allowed me to work alongside various team members, learn from them, and foster meaningful relationships. In our new world of working from home, this has helped me feel like a part of the team and become quickly immersed in the company’s culture. In addition, being new to the clean transportation and energy field, I find cross-team projects extremely beneficial as they help me develop a better understanding of the industry and gain new skills and experiences.

As a young professional, career-focused educational opportunities and personal development are extremely important to me. The encouragement we receive from our senior management team to pursue new skills helps me to effectively and confidently tackle my day-to-day responsibilities, expand horizons, and bring fresh ideas.