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Electric Fleets Can Benefit From Vehicle-to-Grid Tech but Challenges Remain

October 3, 2022

Source: Commercial Carrier Journal

While pumping unused diesel or gasoline out of a truck’s fuel tank to sell on the open market is not exactly a convenient option, selling unused energy from an EV battery holds much more promise.

Utilities around the U.S. have been working more closely with OEMs, fleets and government officials to explore vehicle-to-grid (V2G) electricity distribution. Such an option can not only help fleets recoup energy costs, but also help meet their communities’ power needs during grid constraints.

CCJ learned of two utilities that recently began pilots testing V2G with the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning. Another utility has been testing V2G with electric school buses. Experts believe larger Class 8 electric trucks have a lot of V2G potential so long as use cases provide enough battery power for discharging.

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