Given the continued unpredictability of global energy prices, the forecasted growth for alternative fuels and clean vehicle technologies looks more promising than ever before. This is an exciting time to be in the clean energy and transportation markets, as the opportunity for market growth is boundless.

While the opportunities are abundant, successfully introducing a new product into the market is a complex task. With any new product launch—whether technology or alternative energy—the key is to ensure proper market research and analysis is done, a clear and defined strategy is put in place, and potential issues are addressed up front.

Over the past 25 years, GNA has worked with the industry’s leading technology, fuel, and infrastructure providers to successfully introduce new products and services to the transportation market. GNA’s engineers, policy and compliance specialists, grant writers, public affairs managers, and marketing specialists collaborate on each project to provide clients with the strategy that best suits their operation’s needs.

Over the course of a project, GNA can help you:

Assess existing and future demand.

  • Conduct a full market study, including competitor and regulatory analysis
  • Identify market barriers and opportunities
  • Determine an appropriate pricing structure

Navigate regulatory requirements and changes.

  • Help shape regulations to create a more favorable environment for your product.
  • Explain how to navigate upcoming regulatory changes that might impact your customers’ investment

Secure incentive funding and credits for research and development.

  • Identify federal and state tax credits
  • Develop grant funding applications

Define a specific sales plan.

  • Pinpoint achievable sales goals and define tactics.
  • Determine appropriate sales/distribution channels.
  • Identify your core target market.
  • Forecast the market penetration timeline

Train your sales and support teams.

  • Perform on-site training to ensure customer-facing teams understand the needs/desires of the target audience
  • Develop training literature to explain complex product features

Work as a liaison to key stakeholders.

  • Provide support for your initiative with the industry, media, government agencies, community and environmental stakeholders

Develop launch strategies and tactics.

  • Develop key messaging materials to highlight key product differentiators (collateral, websites, advertising, press releases)
  • Plan grand openings and press events
  • Identify awards and recognition opportunities

Build your customer base.

  • Test-market your product/messaging with a target customer group
  • Act as a liaison to potential customers

Ensure your operations stay in compliance.

  • Assist with grant reporting and complex compliance requirements
  • Manage fulfillment of funding program requirements