As global energy demands surge, oil prices remain volatile and greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb—negatively impacting our economy and air quality. While the need to develop sustainable clean transportation and energy solutions is more compelling than ever, there are often barriers that hinder the development of these projects, including insufficient infrastructure, steep project implementation costs, and lack of consumer awareness.

Over the past 25 years, GNA has worked with government agencies, trade associations, industry groups, and non-profits to expand markets for environmentally friendly products and services and to raise awareness about projects and technologies that advance clean transportation systems.

Over the course of a project, GNA can help you:

Analyze market trends and customer needs.

  • Conduct full market research studies to determine potential market barriers
  • Assess demand/growth opportunities and trends for new technologies and fuels
  • Identify near and long-term government and regulatory trends

Craft and implement strategies that advance energy efficiency, emission reductions, and sustainable development.

  • Develop incentive programs, policies and regulations
  • Provide staff to manage administration of programs
  • Develop, implement, and support advanced technology “showcase” projects

Work as a liaison to key stakeholders.

  • Provide support for your initiative with the industry, media, government agencies, community and environmental stakeholders
  • Provide expert testimony to key internal and external audiences

Increase awareness of the benefits of clean vehicle technologies and alternative fuels.

  • Develop communications strategies to maximize audience engagement
  • Create key messaging materials (collateral, websites, advertising, press releases, newsletters)
  • Plan educational webinars, workshops, and large-scale events
  • Draft research papers and position statements