The nation’s leading fleet operators are continuing to push forward with alternative fuels and efficiency technologies despite recent plummeting oil prices. Implementing technologies that reduce diesel consumption can provide fleets long-term fuel price stability, a solution for tightening emissions regulations, new business opportunities, and more. As alternative fuel station infrastructure continues to expand and new engine technology comes to market, GNA can help on- and off-road fleet operators evaluate the business case to implement alternative fuels in their operations.

While there are many potential benefits, switching to alternative fuels can present a number of questions:

  • What fuels are best suited for our operation?
  • What vehicle and equipment options are available?
  • Do we need to build our own infrastructure or can we use public fueling stations?
  • How will we pay for this business investment?

GNA can help answer all of these questions. Our engineers and project directors work with fleets throughout the world to evaluate, design and implement clean fuel deployment projects. Each project begins with a detailed analysis of the company’s operations to determine the costs and potential financial returns (i.e., NPV, IRR, etc.) that could be realized by using alternative fuels.

If a project makes economic sense, GNA helps companies develop a detailed project plan to:

  • Evaluate the right vehicle/equipment options
  • Procure the selected alternative fuel(s) by evaluating existing and planned alternative refueling infrastructure, as well as the viability of developing an onsite station
  • Evaluate any required maintenance facility modifications
  • Identify available federal and state tax credits, grants, and loan programs
  • Train personnel to ensure employee safety

This comprehensive analysis is an essential first step to successfully navigating the project development process.