With petroleum prices on an ongoing roller coaster ride and ever-increasing air quality regulations and policy actions for the transportation industry, market opportunities for alternative fuels and clean vehicle technologies are boundless. In addition to significantly reducing emissions, alternative fuels like natural gas, electric, and propane autogas, provide long-term price stability that fleets crave when setting their operating budgets and multi-year contracts.

Successfully introducing a new product into the market is a complex task—particularly one that might require a large upfront capital investment. To successfully launch a product, it’s critical to ensure that proper market research and analysis is done, and that a clear and defined strategy is put in place.

Over the past 25 years, GNA has worked with the industry’s leading technology, fuel, and infrastructure providers to successfully introduce new products and services to the transportation market. GNA draws on a wealth of knowledge stemming from our firm’s involvement in the most significant clean transportation projects in North America, as well as from our access to an internal database of more than 165,000 stakeholders—a rich network of contacts from every corner of the many markets we serve.

GNA’s market analysis reports have helped our clients:

  • Determine potential economic, political, technological, and environmental business drivers
  • Analyze the competitive positioning of the product or service with respect to the rest of the market
  • Gain insight into the critical factors influencing the perceptions and purchasing behaviors of both current customers and potential customers
  • Assess key fueling infrastructure, maintenance, and safety considerations that must be address for the product or service to be successful
  • Build appropriate pricing structures, analyze the investment payback period for potential customers, and pinpoint achievable sales goals
  • Identify core target markets and project the total potential market size
  • Determine appropriate sales/distribution channels and forecast the market penetration timeline

Once this detailed analysis is complete, GNA can help develop a strategic marketing plan to drive sales within each target audience.