Advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels can provide significant economic and environmental benefits to end-user, thus presenting exciting opportunities to those investing in such fuels and technologies. Making sound investments in this space requires a comprehensive understanding of the technologies, policies and incentives behind the latest trends, as well as an understanding of key considerations, barriers and opportunities faced by today’s buyers. GNA’s in-depth first-hand knowledge of today’s markets can help today’s savvy investors ensure that they are making strategic investments into today’s marketplace.

Extensive Expertise: For 25 years, GNA has worked side by side with the nation’s largest fleet operators, OEMs, technology companies, industry associations, government agencies, environmental groups, utilities, fuel providers and other stakeholders to assess and act on the business case for projects that result in tangible deployments of clean automotive technology, alternative fuel vehicles, and refueling infrastructure. The real-world data and insight we can provide from the front lines of the market helps investors truly understand key industry trends for today and tomorrow so they can invest with confidence.

Established Relationships: In addition, GNA’s experience with key leaders in the government, business, and environmental community helps investors fully understand our nation’s most important clean energy decisions.

Unique Perspective: The breadth of knowledge and experience that GNA provides is rarely found within the same firm:

  • Technical Expertise: Our engineers have decades of experience developing and managing alternative and low-carbon fuels, advanced vehicles, and emission control technology projects.
  • Policy Analysis: Our executives have been an integral part of several significant fuel and vehicle emissions policies implemented by the EPA and state agencies.

With GNA’s consultation, investors looking for a clearer picture of the business case for future markets can close information gaps and gain a high level of confidence and understanding of today’s market challenges, opportunities and forward growth curves.

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