Producers and end users of clean fuels and technologies can benefit from the state and federal low carbon programs

The Low Carbon Fuels Standard (LCFS) programs and the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RINs) can be a big opportunity for fleets, manufacturers, and service providers to pay down the cost of advanced technologies by using clean fuels. But simply operating with clean technology equipment is not a guarantee to generate a return on investment. Understanding the complex system of credit generation and ownership will determine the greatest earning potential. To see how much you could be earning, CLICK HERE to see the most up-to-date LCFS credit data.

GNA helps clients gain the most from LCFS and RINs to buy down the cost of advanced clean technology programs

In the case of renewable CNG, hydrogen, and other low carbon fuels, it is generally the producer of the renewable fuel that keeps the rights to the credits. GNA supports both the producers and end users of clean technologies to gain the best value from LCFS through the following services:

  • Market clean technology vehicles with LCFS revenue: GNA can help manufacturers, dealers, and service providers use LCFS and RINs to strategically position clean technology vehicles and services to fleets.
  • Reduce the cost of renewable fuels: Fleets looking to procure or evaluate renewable and alternative fuels can turn to GNA to understand the impact of LCFS and RINs on their fuel procurement costs. GNA can also help fleets negotiate LCFS and RIN benefits in to their renewable fuel supply contracts.
  • Advisory services for renewable fuels developers, producers, and investors: For companies looking to use LCFS and RINs benefits along the renewable fuels value chain, GNA offers market research, strategic planning, and technical support to manage risk assessment and evaluate the best revenue opportunities.

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