San Pedro Bay Ports


GNA supports the San Pedro Bay Ports with a variety of air quality programs and initiatives.

  • Market Assessments
  • Communications Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Design Services
  • Outreach Campaigns

About the Project

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach share the San Pedro Bay Port complex in Southern California and are the leading seaports in North America by container volume and cargo value. Port operations and commerce facilitate about one in 18 jobs in the five-county Southern California region.

Sustainable Supply Chain Advisory Committee

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach engaged GNA to develop a robust forum for stakeholder engagement on sustainable freight programs and environmental initiatives.

  • GNA facilitated the formation of a technical advisory committee to evaluate technologies and make recommendations to Mayor Garcetti, Mayor Garcia, Port Executive Director Seroka, and Port Executive Director Cordero for moving cargo more efficiently and advancing zero-emission goods movement.
  • GNA worked with the ports to invite and confirm participation of a diverse collection of committee members including, environmental, labor, industry, government, and community leaders.
  • GNA continues to provide technical support to the Committee and facilitates periodic meetings.

Clean Air Action Plan Technology Feasibility Assessment

The San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan 2017 Update (CAAP) established the need to prepare feasibility assessments to evaluate the status of technology and supporting infrastructure that will be required to achieve the various CAAP strategies. GNA was hired by the ports to prepare feasibility assessments for near-term (2018 to 2021), large-scale deployments of drayage trucks and CHE using zero and near-zero emission platforms.

  • The Feasibility Assessment for Drayage Trucks (2019) evaluated the state of zero-emission (ZE) and near-zero-emission (NZE) fuel-technology platforms suitable for drayage trucks.
  • The Feasibility Assessment for CHE (2019) evaluated the current state of zero-emission (ZE) and near-zero-emission (NZE) fuel-technology platforms suitable for four key types of CHE

Communications Strategy

GNA worked with the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to successfully develop and implement a comprehensive communications and stakeholder engagement strategy to demonstrate to the media, environmental groups, community groups, and other key stakeholders that the Ports are taking immediate and long-term action to clean the air.

  • GNA developed and launched an air quality-focused website for the Port to provide a greater level of transparency and communication on new development projects, environmental initiatives, and to provide a platform for stakeholder engagement.
  • GNA organized a press conference with Mayor Eric Garcetti to announce a successful project kick off for the Pasha Green Omni Terminal project, Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee, and other port initiatives.
  • GNA also supported the Port’s communications team in developing press release content, inviting media and article placements.

Community Impact

Supporting the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with an array of sustainable freight programs and environmental initiatives has helped to:

Reduce air pollution

providing improved public health benefits

Protect our climate

due to zero tailpipe emissions and the reduction in fossil fuel use

Improve trust and transparency

by sharing critical updates with key stakeholders

SPBP Clean Tech Investment

Spur in-state clean tech investment

by helping to assess and promote market readiness