Jonathan (Jon) H. Leonard, Senior Vice President

Jon Leonard offers more than 30 years of experience in the development, demonstration and testing of advanced-technology vehicles and alternative fuels that provide low or zero emissions. Jon has a long history of managing high-profile projects involving lower-emitting diesel engine technologies, AFVs and their corresponding fueling infrastructure, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. He possesses a wide breadth of experience assessing and comparing the life-cycle costs and benefits of low- and zero-emissions vehicle technologies.

Jon manages GNA’s Orange County office and serves as a major technical resource to clients for application of mobile source air pollution control techniques and technologies. An expert technical writer with extensive academic and professional training, Jon has authored or co-authored many high-profile reports for national, state, and local agencies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Zero- and near-zero-emissions transportation technologies
  • Exhaust after-treatment technologies
  • In-use vehicle testing (emissions, fuel efficiency) & full fuel cycle emissions analysis
  • Petroleum displacement strategies for in-use late-model LDVs
  • Heavy-duty vehicle alternative fuels and fleet modernization programs
  • Port operations and goods movement systems
  • Upstream emissions from natural gas and oil operations
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

Past Experience

Director, TIAX LLC Transportation and Energy Group, Irvine CA
Jon served for 15 years as the director of and lead air quality scientist for TIAX’s southern California office. He played major roles in the design, development and/or implementation of heavy-duty fleet modernization programs for the San Pedro Bay Ports, the California Proposition 1B Program, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Truck Replacement Program, and the Gateway Cities Clean Air Program. Jon has served as lead author and/or principal investigator for numerous studies conducted on behalf of the State of California, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the U.S. DOE, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and the private sector; most of these efforts have focused specifically on mobile source air pollution control technologies using combinations of advanced technologies and alternative fuels. He also served as a leading technical consultant for CARB’s government-industry venture, the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative.

Program Supervisor and Special Assistant to the Chief Scientist, South Coast Air Quality Management District
Jon spent nearly 10 years in the Technology Advancement Office of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. He provided technical and fiscal oversight of cost-shared RD&D projects utilizing low-/zero-emission fuels and technologies for cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, and other mobile sources. As the lead staff member for transportation-related fuel cell projects, he managed SCAQMD’s funding and technical input for the Ballard fuel cell bus program (phases 1 and 2); the AlliedSignal direct-hydrogen, proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) passenger car program; the phase 1 DOE / DOT phosphoric acid fuel cell bus program; and the Palm Desert renewable hydrogen fuel cell vehicle program. He also coordinated and implemented two government-industry task forces for SCAQMD involving fuel cells in transportation applications. Jon served as SCAQMD’s project manager for the Gas Rail USA project at Southwest Research Institute, for which high-pressure direct injection of natural gas was developed for locomotive applications.

Emissions Laboratory Supervisor and Government Relations Coordinator, American Suzuki Motor Corporation / Lead Laboratory Technician, Automotive Testing Corporation
Jon has 10 years of hands-on experience designing and implementing field and laboratory testing programs for motor vehicles. For seven years, he was in charge of light-duty vehicle emissions testing at American Suzuki Motor Corporation, while also supporting numerous other government-relation activities (e.g., emissions and noise certification, safety and land use). While at Suzuki, Jon researched and prepared his Master of Science thesis on emissions from light-duty motor vehicles using alcohol fuels. For the prior three years, Jon served as lead laboratory technician at Automotive Testing Laboratories, where he designed and implemented light-duty motor vehicle emissions testing programs for government and industry clients. Jon helped EPA to develop emissions factors for vehicles with emerging exhaust after-treatment technologies, by conducting and QC’ing CVS-75 emissions tests on hundreds of in-use LDVs.


  • MS in Environmental Studies (Mobile Source Air Pollution Control) from California State University, Fulllerton
  • BA in Biological Sciences from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Professional and Non-Profit Affiliations Current

  • Member, South Coast Air Quality Management District Clean Fuel Advisory Committee

Professional Awards and Recognition

  • Recognition, For Extensive Contributions to the Development and Implementation of the Landmark Clean Trucks Program, Port of Long Beach

Speaking Circuit

Jon has made countless presentations over the last 25 years at major technical forums about low- and zero-emissions mobile source technologies.

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Patrick Couch, Vice President, Technical Services

Patrick both leads and collaborates on a wide range of projects and market development initiatives for GNA’s clients and brings extensive experience in the research, development, and demonstration of a broad range of advanced mobile and stationary power technologies to the firm. From leading fleets through the evaluation of alternative fuel technologies to assisting policy makers with the development of practical and successful strategies for clean transportation, Patrick’s work includes a mix of technical, business, and policy expertise.

Areas of Expertise

  • Alternative Fuel Technologies
  • CNG & LNG Consulting
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Mobile & Stationary Power Technologies
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Transportation & Energy Policy
  • Vehicle Technology (Engines, Chassis, Fuel, Exhaust)

Past Experience

Associate Principal, TIAX LLC
Patrick managed demonstration efforts for some of the most innovative heavy duty vehicle technologies in the U.S., ranging from LNG fueled locomotives to plug-in hybrid terminal tractors. He was also selected to lead the company’s technical work for some of the world’s largest fleet modernization programs for heavy duty trucks. He utilized his engineering background in work focused on air toxics, greenhouse gases, alternative fuels and energy sources, and their impact on goods movement-related activities.


  • MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine
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Robert Coale, P.E., Senior Project Director

Bob is GNA’s principal engineer for the development of designs, studies, equipment selection, and permitting for alternative fueling projects. He is experienced in all elements of LNG and CNG fueling stations and associated garage modifications. He has experience in additional alternative fuels including propane and both gaseous and liquid hydrogen. Bob offers more than 50 years engineering experience in design, project implementation, permit acquisition, and construction oversight and is a registered professional engineer in the state of California.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fuel Station Commissioning
  • Alternative Fueling Station Design
  • Fleet Planning & Logistics
  • Maintenance Facility Design, Development, and Upgrades
  • Permitting
  • Process Development

Past Experience

Special Project Manager, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates
Bob has been the principal special projects engineer with GNA since 2005 and is responsible for the evaluation of dozens of alternative vehicle fueling projects including fleet evaluation, preliminary facility design, equipment selection, permitting, and construction oversight. He has also been responsible for the evaluation of maintenance garages to be used for indoor maintenance of natural gas powered vehicles and the preliminary design of recommended improvements. Bob is well-versed in addressing the spectrum of permitting issues that surround alternative fueling project development.

Senior Design Engineer, E F S West
Bob was responsible for the layout and design of LNG and CNG fueling facilities including maintenance garage upgrades. During his tenure, Bob was involved with the development of more than 30 alternative fueling sites and provided design and construction oversight for several landfill gas to energy projects.

President, Yuma Copper Corporation
Bob provided corporate leadership during property acquisition, exploration, metallurgical testing, and production of copper in the Antofagasta Region of Chile.


  • MBA from the University of Minnesota (Duluth)
  • MS in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • MetE in Metallurgical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines

Professional Designations

  • Registered Professional Engineer, State of California
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Ron Pope, Senior Project Director

Ron focuses on the business aspects of alternative fuels adoption and infrastructure development for fleet operations. Ron offers over 40 years of business experience in a variety of industries and applications, including the development of purchasing programs for LNG and natural gas for fueling applications.

Areas of Expertise

  • Advanced Transportation Vehicles
  • Alternative Fuel Technologies
  • CNG & LNG Consulting
  • Fleet Planning & Logistics
  • Fueling Infrastructure Development
  • Purchasing & Contracting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vendor Procurement

Past Experience

Director of Procurement, Waste Management (Western Group)
As the Director of Procurement for Waste Management’s Western Group, Ron provided leadership to WM’s development of LNG and CNG fleet and infrastructure development and directed fleet related emission reduction. Ron was also responsible for WM’s purchase of alternative fuels and supported WM’s corporate-wide sourcing and contracting efforts for truck chassis, bodies, maintenance parts and other key products and materials. Ron also participated in a small special project management team focused on the development of organic growth capability and organization within Waste Management. As part of this role, Ron was a board member of NGVAmerica and a steering committee member for the California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership.

Purchasing Manager, Greater Asia Region, Eastman Kodak Company
As the Purchasing Manager for Eastman Kodak Company’s Greater Asia Region, Ron led the development of purchasing capability in Asia, and provided leadership to the development of local sources for a variety of manufacturing materials, the development of buy/sell processes, and contracting in support of Kodak’s manufacturing exports from China. Part of this role included the management of Kodak Far East Purchasing, a subsidiary with operations in Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai that sourced chemicals and electronic components for export to other Kodak manufacturing facilities.


  • Graduate in Business Administration, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
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Jarrod Kohout, Project Director

Jarrod manages a variety of projects ranging from technology commercialization support to strategic plan development for several of GNA’s premier clients. His project management and technical support has enabled Fortune 500 companies to introduce innovative transportation and clean air technologies into the market. His strategic planning and market analysis support has paved the way for several companies to make investments to expand their products and services to both domestic and international markets.

Jarrod’s professional experience in engineering and business development provides enables him to assemble complex technology commercialization projects while maintaining and a thorough understanding of the value proposition and potential market for transportation and clean air technologies. This valuable experience has provided clients with a path to the market that encompasses not only engineering and product development but also the required regulatory approvals, field trials and demonstrations, distribution strategies, after sales support and service, and grant and incentive programs developed to accelerate the market adoption of new technologies. This support has introduced innovative hybrid vehicles and equipment, emissions after-treatment, alternative fuel engine technologies into the market.

Areas of Expertise

  • Alternative Fuel Technologies
  • CARB & EPA Technology Verification
  • Financial Modeling
  • Grant Writing & Funding Procurement
  • Market Analysis & Development
  • New Vehicle and Engine Certification
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vehicle Technologies (Engines, Chassis, Fuel, Exhaust)

Past Experience

Independent Business Development/Strategic Planning and Partnerships Consultant
Jarrod provided business plan and market introduction consulting services to manufacturers and distributors of emission control technologies and developed comprehensive business plans for the distribution of emission control technology products in North America. His strategic planning and business development expertise led to the execution of exclusive distribution agreements with diesel emission control technology manufacturers located in Switzerland and Canada and the introduction of their products into North America.

Director, Business Development, Boshart Engineering, Inc.
Jarrod’s business development leadership led to the commercialization of an innovative diesel emission control technology developed through a partnership he created with a Fortune Global 100 petrochemical company located in South Korea. While at Boshart Engineering, Inc. Jarrod directed all business development and sales and marketing activities for diesel emission control technology products and automotive engineering and testing services. In addition to partnerships developed for the emission control technologies, Jarrod established relationships and executed contracts with several domestic and international automobile manufacturers to provide engineering test services and technology commercialization support.

Mechanical Design Engineer, Raytheon Company – Northeast Product Development Lab
As a mechanical engineer on a high profile missile defense system contract, Jarrod’s engineering design and project management leadership were critical to taking the technology from concept to deployment. His engineering design and product development work transformed customer specifications into detailed designs which were then manufactured, tested and refined under his guidance. As a member of a cross-functional engineering team, Jarrod developed a proficient understanding of the product development and technology commercialization cycle. During the project, Jarrod implemented several 6 Sigma tools and authored five projects that resulted in reduced product development time and costs.


  • MBA with a concentration in Management of Operations and Technology from Bentley University
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Massachusetts – Amherst
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