The Volkswagen Settlement has produced an overwhelming amount of information:
  • 633: Densely packed pages in the three partial consent decrees and various attachments describing the rules, requirements, and stipulations of the settlement funds
  • 101: Dockets filed in United States District Court since 2016 across various Federal, state, and local government websites
  • 70+: State agencies that have published information about the Volkswagen settlement
You don’t have the time to manage that information.

Fortunately, GNA has the proven experience to provide your company with only the few numbers that matter:

  • $2.925 billion: The total incentive funding available for clean transportation projects
  • 90%: GNA’s success rate in securing funds from competitive grant solicitations
The bottom line:

As a VW Funding 360 portal subscriber, you will have access to state-specific intelligence through this website and you will receive timely email updates on the use of VW funding in each state, including Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the Tribal Nations. Information will include amount and type of funding, list of prioritized projects, and the timeline for when the funds will be released.

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